Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In which I come across as insane due to heat exposure.

"You have internet friends?"
"Well, yeah."
"I thought only lonely paedophiles had those."
"Yep, pretty much!"

     And that's why I don't usually bring up my friends of the interwebs in company. They are fantastic, though.

Apologies for the lack of posting, life is busy. This is mostly an I'M NOT DEAD sort of thing. I haven't had the time to read/comment on any of your blogs, which I am upset about.

If you need convincing of my business:
  • I sang in front of people. (It went decently.) 
  • I ate cheesecake
  • I graphed lines
  •  I balanced reactions
  • I ate ice cream
  • I almost failed a math quiz 
  • I got t-shirts from the internets. 
THERE IS MORE. But it is way too boring to bother sharing. This isn't supposed to be like a diary. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WRITE WITH QUALITY, GABRIELLE. Blaaahhh.

Let me just make it through exams.



  1. Glad you're still alive. ^_^

    The heat's driving me nuts, too. I'm assuming your school ends next week? My cousins are still in school too (they're up north around D.C.).

    I agree with friends and blogs being separate entities. I tell mine about my blog and it seems like they aren't listening until one day out of the blue they go like, "Hey, you should write about that on your blog."

    I hope your exams go well!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad too. :P

      I'm in Canada. School ends on the 20somethingth of June. D:

      Yes, exactly!
      I also have a bunch of friends I talk to regularly who I met through the internet. I admit that it's weird, but I'm safe about it. I hope.

      Thanks, hope yours went well! (If that's an applicable wish. I think it is.)

  2. Oh thank goodness I'm not the only person who was balancing equations recently. Thankfully, I finished science on Friday. *Fist Pump*

    P.S. You didn't seem to insane to me. :P


      P.S. Thank you! :D
      I think.

  3. You're alive! Yay! I know exactly how you feel about the internet friends. I have friends, good friends that I have made over the internet, but my 'I've-actually-met-you-in-person' friends don't get it. I try to explain, but none of them understand. It's very weird. Personally, I think that meeting people on the internet leads to the chance of you having way more in common with that person rather than the first basis of proximity.
    Yay internet friends!

    1. Yep. I think I'll comment more interestingly on the blog post I see you wrote on the topic really soon. I need to sleep.

  4. I don't usually bring up my internet friends to my RL friends. They would think I'm weird...er than they already think I am.
    Also, you do not need to apologize for not posting in a while. I think you post pretty frequently! :) And life is crazy and busy.

    1. Oh, being normal is overrated! But I guess it is good to avoid scaring people away.

      Thanks. I think apologizing too much is very Canadian. I should stop.
      Life is crazy and busy. Usually in a good way, though. :)

  5. When I started going to local Nerdfighter gatherings, I had a tough time convincing my parents to let me go.
    "Who are you going with?"
    "Just some friends."
    "How do you know them?"
    "Umm, I met them on the internet."

    They weren't pleased with that answer, but they eventually let me go.

    1. Ooh, explaining Nerdfighteria to parents is a tough one. At least with NaNoWriMo events I can say that it has to do with artists.
      My mom thinks Nerdfighting is a cult.

      I'm glad you got to go. :)

  6. Haha, every conversation involving online friends... EVER.

    Nice to meet you!

    Sounds like you're being productive :D

    1. Yup. It's strange that if I call them penpals instead (because I exchanged addresses with a few of them for snail mail) people ask fewer questions. Because penpals have my address. Hm.

      You too!

      And I can make it sound like I'm being productive quite easily. The hard part is actually being productive. x)

  7. Internet friends?

    I actually had quite a long discussion with myself about internet and it's "friends".

    But that's another story for another day.

  8. Your friends/family think your a pedophile as well? I'm not alone! (my mom referred to me as a "forty year old pedophile" when me and my brother were playing an online fantasy game).

    Did you do all of those things in one day? That would be the greatest day in human history (the greatest day in all history belongs to the Grolari aliens, one of whom managed to stop a war using the word "queuing" and then subsequently went on to invent seven flavors of ice-cream, all of which were at least moderately tasty, and then saved a baby from a burning car while breaking the world record for "Most Milk-duds Eaten in a Minute" with it's other hand).

    I feel funny... I'm going to go lie down for a while...

    1. These Grolari aliens sound pretty awesome, if I may say so myself.


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