Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apparently squee isn't a real word. grumble.

Hi blog.
I have a confession to make.
I've been. . . with Tumblr.
Hear me out.
It isn't that I don't love you, blog. I can improve my writing skills marginally through the posts I write here of dubious quality and everything!
I need a place where I can attempt to be elegant, where I can attempt to finish my sentences before dissolving into keyboard smashes and squees. You, Blogger, are where I go when I need to put on a fancy hat and sip a cup of tea as I opine on literature.
I need the warm fuzzies that one can only get from a loving commenter.
I really like you and am not going anywhere soon.
I really like tumblr as well.
I enjoy the squees and fangirling and CAPS LOCK.
I enjoy the gifs and Nerdfighters and Mary Poppins Time Lord.
The satisfaction I feel when my posts are reblogged is wonderful.

I'd really like to use both of you.
Blogger, how do you feel about polygamy?
(I'd ask tumblr too but it has so many OTPs I'm sure it's fine with it.)

This is my tumblr if you were wondering.
Wheeeeeeeee posting on three hours of sleep is fun!
I wrote a 700 word stream of consciousness thing about the sensory overload anxiety of math class but it was too serious and too stream of consciousness for anybody to ever see it besides me. Instead I wrote that and I don't know if it is coherent at all.
My life right now is a blur of the impossible number of things I've committed to this year (I need a time turner) heavily seasoned with a daily dose of crap-i-don't-get-math.
On the bright side, I made it onto the yearbook committee as a writer. It makes me feel better about myself.


P.S. 25th post! That is happy-making.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have a love affair with sentence fragments.

So I mixed vanilla pudding with milk and now l’m drinking it and it’s so delicious.
Nobody will be able to tell that I am drinking pudding. I can pretend to be healthy but I am drinking pudding! 
The pudding milk is mine. All mine. 

I SHALL NAME IT PUDDING-MILK. Its nickname can be Pilk. It is so cute. 

And I cam-whore (unattractively) and act weird online yet again. 
I think that the first week of school drove me a little bit insane. It's my junior year and my brain just keeps refusing to accept that what I do this year has an actual bearing on my future. (Especially since I'm taking two grade 12 courses.) 
Math is still difficult, but I like math a lot and am trying to apply myself, so it will be okay.

I just discovered that in Sweden they call hot girls "puddings." 

I finished The Night Circus today. It was a beautiful book. I really liked it.

That is all.

<3 Gabi

P.S. I'm sorry that I don't make sense or write with quality or insight or maturity. It will happen at some point.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

This post should actually be part of my previous post. I'm a rebel.

This is me standing on top of a beaver lodge in a provincial park in the middle of Northern Ontario. The meadow surrounding me used to be rushing water, then a dammed up pond filled with lily pads, and now this.

Cool things about beavers:

  • When attacked, a beaver can grab its prey with its two front teeth and drag the attacker underwater until it is drowned.
  • If you stuck your iPod and a pair of speakers in the middle of a field and played the sound of rushing water on a loop, a beaver might build a dam right over it. They're kind of stupid.
  • Beavers mate for life, unless their partner dies.
  • That partner could die being crushed by the tree it is cutting. Beavers cannot predict which way a tree will fall, and beaver skeletons have been found underneath tree trunks.
  • Beaver teeth have iron in the outer layer to strengthen their teeth so they can cut down trees like this one.

This is a real beaver, too.

In conclusion, I like beavers too much.

Also, here are some gnomes we found on the top of an isolated mountain. It was a magical experience.

<3 Gabi