Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to city-lit skies.

Hello, I'm back. I should go sleep, but a room with just myself in it seems daunting. 

My summer was fantastic. Tons of work, and fantastic. I really like lists and I'm not functional enough to do anything else, so here you go, if you feel like it. (I don't have many photographs because my camera was stolen.)

Some stuff I've learned:

  • Carefully apply sunscreen to avoid a thin and inexplicable red stripe on your left shoulder.
  • Pack extra underpants. Do not lose half of them.
  • To avoid Jewfro, don't EVER brush your hair when it's dry.
  • Your hair is not as bad as you think.
  • Wearing polka dot rainboots, striped kneesocks, and plaid short shorts together is much, much worse than you think. 
  • If you want something, go for it. Fighting for what you want is easier than you'd expect.
  • Don't spend too much time in your castles in the air, or you'll miss out on opportunities to achieve them on land.
  • Don't apologize for who you are. If change is required, just make the change. 
  • Sometimes people will surprise you with a sudden revealing of awesomeness. If they don't, that's cool too. It isn't necessary to like everyone.
  • Don't lend things if losing them would make the lending unworth it. (I failed to follow this one and lost my camera and the 300 pictures on it.)

Some stuff I was told:

A friend: "There's a fine line between hipsters and gay people." 

A good friend who I liked: "I'd never judge you because you vomited cheddar penguin crackers all over the floor in the middle of your cabin. In fact, I respect you for it. Wait, no."

Eccentric Israeli: "Now, what I say is always look of the life side of bright. There's a deeper meaning to this if you think about it. You see, bright has many sides, and one of the sides of bright is life. Life is one of the brightest sides of bright so you should always look at it, yes?" 

Same Eccentric Israeli: "Apart we are like couscous. Together we are. . . something else!" 

Some stuff that's in my memory box:
Our counsellors gave us all boxes. Mine is decorated with varieties of duct tape. We put stuff in from our summers.

From left across
  • A medallion, with the Hebrew word for judge in silver Sharpie. Made carefully. 
  • A paper bag puppet named Oswald. 
  • A black and white playbill for a camp-run production of Little Shop of Horrors. My name is on it.
  • A party hat, blower thingy, and tissue paper flower
  • A piece of caution tape
  • Me.
  • A duct tape bowtie
  • A menu
  • A small cup and a large cup
  • A hurried essay I still won with.
  • A piece of the ocean.
  • A newsletter
  • A (mock) wedding invitation
  • A piece of a bowl I broke.
  • A movie poster for Return of the Cheddar Penguins (Story about that later.)
  • Words of wisdom 
  • A handful of compliments

Here's a picture. It's really classy. I'm the one with both curly hair and boobs. (Or the one on the far right.)

I've missed the internet. I've missed you guys. I wish I had time to catch up on your lives by reading your old blog posts, but I'm afraid I don't. Any updates? How was your summer?



  1. Somebody stole your camera? That's a major bit of suckage. Did this person 'borrow' it first and then not give it back? If so, what a doucherube. Any chance at all of getting it back?

    Apart from that, it looks like you had a pretty balla' summer. Complete with paper-bag puppet dudes and the like.

    All I can say is, I'm glad I've never been in the predicament of having a Jewfro. My hair is too stubborn (and at most times, too short) to let the inner Jew manifest itself through my skull. I've seen some friends afflicted by it though.

    Good to see you back.

  2. love this blog post. your summer sounds cool and amazing. point form works. love the lessons.

    and it's good to have you back :)

  3. Your summer sounds so awesome. I want to do the whole American summer camp thing too! Glad you are back ^_^

  4. YAY. You're back!!!!!!! When you left the comment on my blog like "Nobody reads mine either," I was like, "That's because you don't blog anymore!!" But now you do. And I'm happy. Because you're like one of my favorite bloggers.

    Fantastic post. I like the quotes from the eccentric Israeli. And everything else.


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