Monday, February 20, 2012

Cottages are absolutely wonderful.

     It finally snowed, and everything is shiny. The frozen lake is covered in a blanket of snow which sparkles blue in the sunlight, and the boughs of evergreen trees are drooping under the weight of even more celestial dandruff.*

     It started snowing on Friday, in the afternoon. I was going up the chairlift, at the ski resort, and suddenly these flakes were swirling around me, 360 degrees. It felt like flying.

     I went for a walk on the lake yesterday with the family, along the shore for a really long way. There were these little indentations in the snow, and when I brushed the snow away I found little fault lines from the expanding ice, cracks where two ice plates bumped into each other. It was really awesome.

"Gabi, why are you taking pictures of icicles?"

     I'm completely in awe of how cool nature is, especially water. Have you ever thought about how water is made up of two extremely flammable gases but puts out fires? Yeah. It's that cool. And I'm that geeky. So I walked around with a camera for a while, hunting down icicles.

     So this weekend was fun. I also went to another bookstore and picked up two books. I got new clothing and my mom forced me to get a manicure. My host sister and I spent three hours cleaning my room, and I am forever indebted to her floor-uncovering skills. I nursed my hurt arm, and fondled my NEW SILVER WRESTLING MEDAL.** I will henceforth be using it to intimidate people I don't like, because large words don't always work as nicely.

     I just realized that I have to finalize my course selections. For tomorrow. (cue hyperventilation) I'm going to go figure that out.

*I've wanted to use that phrase for a really long time.
** Granted, it was a team medal. More about wrestling is forthcoming.


  1. I checked all the reaction buttons!!!! Aren't you proud? :)

  2. Congrats on the medal!
    Also, I envy you lucky Canadians and Northerners who can get snow more than once every year. Not a centimeter fell in Georgia this year. I hate the south, at best we get cold rain that freezes overnight.

  3. First off, I love the celestial dandruff line. That's great. Also, that bit about the paradoxical qualities of water literally blew my mind. Cheers!

  4. Wow! That was such an amazing description of mother nature!! :)And thanks for the sparkly comment on my blog,Gabi!! :)

    Your new follower :)


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