Thursday, March 1, 2012

I refuse to apologize for posting infrequently.

     Sitting in the school library. Lunch ends in five minutes, but I am writing anyways because I am just that badass and to heck with the consequences.

     It never feels like a library here. It's an open concept room with a green accent wall that manages to just miss being hospital green. That's good, I suppose. The rest of the walls are made up of a combination of bricks with industrial-feel paint slopped onto them and exposed red brick which is almost pretty. Paintings try to lighten the atmosphere, but most of them are dedicated to students who died too early. So they don't really work.

     The badly stocked library shelves -- (this is when I was kicked out of the library.)

      This is all for the better, as my descriptive writing can be aptly described by the word meh.
I could go into the etymology of the word. I think I will. Basically, Bart and Lisa said the word on The Simpsons this one time. That is all.

     So "meh" went from obscurity to being on a watchlist of Oxford English Dictionary for official word status. Words spread at an incredibly fast rate, especially with the internet being around to help them.

That being said, some words are dying. Marvelous words like gypsation, phylargyrist, and tudiculate** have already left our lexicon. Fallaciloquence, starrify, quotientive, quaeritate. This is why you can adopt a word at

I picked coherentific. 

Which word will you adopt?


*Not strictly true. Some people speculate that it comes from the Yiddish "feh," which pretty much translates to "screw it." That origin has been lost to the sands of time and Western animation.
** In order: Coating something with gypsum, a lover of money, and pound or bruise.


  1. I just adopted a bunch of words. I wonder why they won't let you see the words you've adopted? Hmmm. And I understand about posting infrequently. It is a curse. (BTW if you read my most recent post, you are one of the people who hasn't mysteriously left the blogosphere, and for that I thank you, bloggy type mate:)

  2. AHHHH ZOMG!!!

    This is amazing!!!

    Only problem: I can't decide on a word! D=

    1. Maybe there's one that means indecisive? >:D

  3. this.
    i cant decide either!

    great blog! you got another follower :-)
    check out mine, and follow if you like it?

    1. Thank you! I will certainly check out your blog.

  4. I don't understand how people can post so frequently. They have these 'challenges' where you post every single day for a month, and I think why? Quality over quantity, folks.

    Also, I've adopted so many words, it's like a word foster home over here.

    1. I don't really have the quality argument on my side; I'm just busy. But I get what you mean, and you exemplify it with your blog. (I have made the decision to address you guys as one person. Kcool.)

      Just ration their gruel carefully, it should be fine. :P

  5. Ooh, the adopting-a-word thing sounds fun. I blog in the library at school too. :D Your description wasn't "meh." This is coming from an abstract writer.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a nice day. <3

  6. I'd probably pick a word like Petulant.

  7. I tagged you!


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