Thursday, April 26, 2012

More self indulgence.

I decided to copy Jen and make a rambly video.

It's kind of awkward and I'm also kind of superficial in places and the lighting sucks and I don't like my voice. My inner editor needs to shut up sometimes.


P.S. I promise I will shape up soon in terms of writing legitimate posts.


  1. I want snow in april! We didn't get any snow this year!

    Girls playing guitar are usually actual musicians who are good at playing music. Guys usually play it to pick up chicks, so they learn how to play "Wonderwall" and maybe another if they're really dedicated. Then they carry their guitar around to impress people.

    The lighting is fine, much like your voice. Whenever I record myself, the microphone has to remind me that I never fully got over my lisp, and it does so by making me sound like a five-year-old with no front teeth and a creepily deep voice (that is, for a five-year-old. For a fifteen year old, it's fairly normal, maybe even a little high pitched.).

  2. You did fine Gabi :)

    Torontonians like to make a big deal out of snow for sure! It gets on the news all the time and yet they're one of the warmest places in Canada. As for girls and guitars, I don't think playing a guitar gets her an automatic "sexy" response, but being passionate about playing it or singing it does. It's the reason for doing it.

  3. You mentioned me! Aghghghhghg *faints from shock* I actually inspired someone to do something by being awkward in front of a camera.


    Snow? In April? No. Nonononnonnonononononononono. No snow. Never snow.

    And I feel you on Math. I have a test tomorrow, in Math. Um, studying? What? Noooo.


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