Sunday, September 2, 2012

This post should actually be part of my previous post. I'm a rebel.

This is me standing on top of a beaver lodge in a provincial park in the middle of Northern Ontario. The meadow surrounding me used to be rushing water, then a dammed up pond filled with lily pads, and now this.

Cool things about beavers:

  • When attacked, a beaver can grab its prey with its two front teeth and drag the attacker underwater until it is drowned.
  • If you stuck your iPod and a pair of speakers in the middle of a field and played the sound of rushing water on a loop, a beaver might build a dam right over it. They're kind of stupid.
  • Beavers mate for life, unless their partner dies.
  • That partner could die being crushed by the tree it is cutting. Beavers cannot predict which way a tree will fall, and beaver skeletons have been found underneath tree trunks.
  • Beaver teeth have iron in the outer layer to strengthen their teeth so they can cut down trees like this one.

This is a real beaver, too.

In conclusion, I like beavers too much.

Also, here are some gnomes we found on the top of an isolated mountain. It was a magical experience.

<3 Gabi

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  1. Somehow that picture invokes the idea that you should have a torch in your hand and are about to burn the entire thing to the ground. @_@

    Or maybe I'm just psychotic.


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