Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apparently squee isn't a real word. grumble.

Hi blog.
I have a confession to make.
I've been. . . with Tumblr.
Hear me out.
It isn't that I don't love you, blog. I can improve my writing skills marginally through the posts I write here of dubious quality and everything!
I need a place where I can attempt to be elegant, where I can attempt to finish my sentences before dissolving into keyboard smashes and squees. You, Blogger, are where I go when I need to put on a fancy hat and sip a cup of tea as I opine on literature.
I need the warm fuzzies that one can only get from a loving commenter.
I really like you and am not going anywhere soon.
I really like tumblr as well.
I enjoy the squees and fangirling and CAPS LOCK.
I enjoy the gifs and Nerdfighters and Mary Poppins Time Lord.
The satisfaction I feel when my posts are reblogged is wonderful.

I'd really like to use both of you.
Blogger, how do you feel about polygamy?
(I'd ask tumblr too but it has so many OTPs I'm sure it's fine with it.)

This is my tumblr if you were wondering.
Wheeeeeeeee posting on three hours of sleep is fun!
I wrote a 700 word stream of consciousness thing about the sensory overload anxiety of math class but it was too serious and too stream of consciousness for anybody to ever see it besides me. Instead I wrote that and I don't know if it is coherent at all.
My life right now is a blur of the impossible number of things I've committed to this year (I need a time turner) heavily seasoned with a daily dose of crap-i-don't-get-math.
On the bright side, I made it onto the yearbook committee as a writer. It makes me feel better about myself.


P.S. 25th post! That is happy-making.


  1. SO you coerced me to check, and I'm only on my 24th blog post, which makes me feel rather ashamed for posting so little. >.<

    Tumblr is fun, but it's exactly the lower expectation for content that makes me uncomfortable with getting an account. I spend way too much time on what I write/publish, and I don't know that anything I write would be appropriate or frequent enough for tumblr; it might just get lost in the ocean of cat gifs. :(

    Also there's Facebook and twitter for frequent everyday thoughts... but even then it's surprising how often I think of posting something on Facebook and it blossoms into a blog post. o_O

    1. Tumblr kind of forces you to lower your standards. I totally understand not getting it.

  2. I got excited because I have tumblr too but turns out that I'm already following you (seriously that shit is addictive)

    I've always said that monogamy is overrated. I still stick with that.

    1. It's scarily addictive.

      And yay you are my follower this is good.

  3. L0L :D I don't have a tumblr. I didn't even know what it was until recently... I will have to investigate some moar. DFTBA!

  4. Squee is a word according to the Wiktionary... seriously, why do people think dictionaries were written by gods or something? Shakespeare didn't need no stinkin' dictionary! grumble grumble grumble. Anyway, I don't know no tumblr, but as one polyamory book I read put it, love isn't a scarce resource... but time *is*. It's like getting a second pet, I suppose - make sure you make a fuss over the old one so it doesn't get jealous.

  5. You want to know if we believe in polygamy? We're two guys sharing a blog... you have your answer. :)


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