Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well, hello there.

In the last month or so, I have done a lot of things. (No, not like that.)

Imma list some because why not.

1) Did (and finished) NaNoWriMo.
2) Got lost in tropical storm in 5 degrees Celsius on way to NaNoWriMo event.
3) Had a male suitor. Sent disinterested brainwaves to male suitor. Disinterested brainwaves worked.
4) Harmonized onstage.
5) Cried under the pressure of my schedule.
6) Cried when the pressure eased up.
7) Jumped into a computer and battled evil!CommtechTeacher, Pokemon Crystal style.

I've been busy. I've been really, really, really busy.
My goal for this week is to write a real blog post.
I miss writing on here.

Today is my birthday. Weird.
I'm getting Facebook notifications and wall posts from people who I barely know. Do they think we know one another more than I think we know each other? I've always been the overly friendly one, and I wonder if I'm changing.
How many changes have I accumulated over the past year and how many will I gather in the future? When do past mes become different people than present me?
I wish I could keep track of the changes. You know, shove them on a graph or something. It would be interesting. Maybe a little bit painful or a little bit too egotistical. But interesting.

I have to go to my volunteer job now. I play guitar at a music program for young adults with developmental disabilities. I really like them.They're good people.

I'm out.

<3 Gabi

P.S. I will catch up on your blogs to the best of my abilities, I promise.


  1. Happy birthday!!! Mine's on Sunday, so we're almost birthday twins. :p

  2. Sounds like a great month! Happy birthday!

    By the way, I have an award for you if you'd like to pop on over to my blog :)


  3. Massively belated, but happy birthday, and hope you had a good day.

    Also, I am allegedly not dead. Thanks for checking in though. It's good to know people read my stuff and wonder where the hell I am at times. Brings a tear to my face.

    I've wondered about plotting changes too, as I've grown, just to see how things are progressing and also to see where I was at a point in life that's now past. I wonder if we all progress along similiar sorts of lines and patterns. But maybe it's best not to know, and just roll with it*? Who knows, man. Life's a trip.

    But yeah no, cheers for swinging by my blog the other day. Just an FYI - you spurred me to finally write a new post just now. Well played.

    Take care.

    *Oasis song... sorry, couldn't resist.


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